Alton Winslow

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Alton Winslow
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Earliest (in world) Appearance: 1974

Personal Data

Occupation: Prosecuting Attorney


Appearances (in Publication Order): Astro City: Local Heroes #4, 5

Event Timeline

1974/08/16     Flashback


An attorney in the prosecuting attorney's office in the early 1970s.


Alton Winslow, was a young hot shot lawyer in 1974 with the Romeyn County District Attorney's office. Alton came from a family money and was just using law as a stepping stone into politics. He was what his former roommate called a "two bag lawyer," in case he argued himself out of the first one.

He drew the seemingly plum assignment of getting to put away Richard Forgione, who would be represented by his former roommate, Oleck, for the March 15, 1974 murder of Lisette Palais. Everything was in Winslow's favor, there were over 50 witnesses, plus all of the other expert witnesses who provided medical and other expertise. Taking two hours with his opening remarks, it seemed Winslow was on the early path to victory and greatness.

But what he didn't account for, was Oleck's Hail Mary and revolutionary "superhero defense." Oleck brought into play elements, like clones, evil twins from another dimension and death-like comas into a standard case. With the city still reeling from the Silver Agent's demise, Oleck had entered enough doubt into the jury's mind.