Arnold Prentice

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Arnold Prentice
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Status: Retired, to disability
Earliest (in world) Appearance: 2001

Personal Data

Occupation: Firefighter (retired)


Appearances (in Publication Order): 9-11 - The World's Finest Comic Book Writers & Artists Tell Stories to Remember

Event Timeline


Arnold "Arnie" Prentice, a former firefighter, with the A.C.F.D., who helped rescue three people from Drake Towers after King Missile smashed into it in 2001.


A year after accident at Drake Towers, in which he lost his leg, he was visiting his old fire station, like he did most Saturdays, when the young boy he rescued was there to meet him.

Farrell wanted to thank him personally for saving him. Farrell's father gave him a ride home and naturally Farrell wanted to ask him questions, mostly, "Why he went back in?" after Farrell was rescued. Farrell responded because someone had to and it's better to be the trained professionals. Because even in a world with heroes, they won't be there all the time to help citizens out of jams. To him it was also well worth losing his leg, due to the fact in his career the total number of people he had saved.

After Farrell and his father dropped him off at a cemetery, the young boy was at first confused. Then his father explained, that the gravesites he was visiting, were the men who pulled Arnie out.


The name Prentice is a reference to Rip Kirby artist John Prentice.