The Black Opal

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The Black Opal is a gem formed from the power, hatred, and anger of dead cosmoses.


After another defeat by Honor Guard, the subatomic conqueror known as Krigari the Ironhanded turned all his empire's attentions to finding a way to defeat them. This eventually led him to battering a gateway into a reality defying region known as the Non. This is where the Black Opal had formed over countless millennia. The opal granted him great power, including devastating energy blasts and immortality. Ironically, when it was destroyed, his soul also perished.


There is also a re-creation of the Black Opal, but it is less powerful than the original, and at last report, is not working. Its owner stated it had the ability to "make my own island paradise just by thinkin' hard." This suggests reality-altering capabilities.

It was last seen in the possession of the Fix-it Man. Its current location is unknown.


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