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This list seems to have diverge quite a bit from the original intent. In the early rush to get as much content back on the site, along with adding new content that focus on the continuity of the first issue of Asto City Comics return, I needed/wanted a place-marker to deal with the unknown nature of several new characters, most especially the Ambassador and the Oubor.

I'm not oppose to the extended bandwidth of this page as a whole, but there are a few entries that stretch it a bit far, most especially the Council of Nike. There are a few others, like the Scavenger Peoples, that would benefit from a brief comment about their uncertain hero/villain alignment.

--Infobroker (talk) 10:37, 29 May 2015 (PDT)

Council of Nike is being reclassified unless I hear justification otherwise. --Infobroker (talk) 10:43, 29 May 2015 (PDT)

Maybe an introductory paragraph on the Category page itself would help too? Some are the powerful beings like Eterneon and Thunderhead, and some are groups/races like the Scavenger Peoples or the Microns who while fighting with heroes, are they really bad or just living their existence?
I think the Council of Nike here was just a placeholder. I remember we had a conversation about it. and think it just never got moved...--Astrozac (talk) 13:06, 29 May 2015 (PDT)
I like the idea of an introductory paragraph here. Let's make that happen (in our free time.) I am currently swamped in projects and have only been able to give Herocopia minimal attention over the past few months. Enough to keep the main page and various topics relevant to current story continuity in focus, but major projects like the Event Annotations indexing have been neglected. I thought we would be a lot further along with that by now. Hopefully after July I can return some time and focus here. Thanks as always for your hard work. It is appreciated. Greatly! --Infobroker (talk) 16:57, 29 May 2015 (PDT)
Once I went over to the Council of Nike page, I saw our previous discussion from last August. That completely fazed out of my memory circuits.