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Status: Inactive
Real Name: Ismiri Dvi-Zaralkh
Earliest (in world) Appearance: early to mid 1960s
Affiliation: Terrifying Three (defunct)

Personal Data

Occupation: real-estate developer
Civil Status: resumed an intimate relationship with Steeljack
Eyes: dark green
Hair: red


Appearances (in Publication Order): Kurt Busiek's Astro City Vol.2 #15

Event Timeline


A sleek pirate-esque villain active in the mid 1960s.


She was a member and presumed leader of the short lived super-villain group, The Terrifying Three. Other members included the originalQuarrel, and the Steel-Jacketed Man. At some point, she abandoned those villainous activities and pursued a successful career as a real-estate developer in Arizona.

When a bank in Scottsdale was robbed by somebody using a copy of her blade-bands, she went to Steeljack to get help. The investigation led them to the owner of T. J. Scoundrel's, a villain-themed restaurant. After the case broke, she took the evidence of her innocence, and put her lawyer on clearing Steeljack of charges that arose from the case.


Based on her physique and her relationship with Steeljack, she appears to have super-strength.


Blade-bands: wrist-mounted weapons which generate energy blasts capable of cutting through bank vaults - or through Steeljack's skin. They are concealed under her gloves.