Dr. Lewis Oscar Croft

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Dr. Lewis Oscar Croft
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Status: Deceased
Earliest Appearance: mid 1970s
Base of Operations: Detroit

Personal Data


First Mentioned: Astro City: The Dark Age Book Two #2

Event Timeline


A scientist who was rumored to have tinkered with genetic mutating for various mobsters, in hopes of creating super-powered enforcers. He was also speculated to have a hand in the creation of Black Velvet, "Energy" Brown and The Thumper.


After various backing mob bosses were rumored to have gave him test subjects, he put them through various kinds of experimentation on their physical and metaphysical systems including the mysterious Kirlian system.

After the Street Angel and Mister Badd busted up his lab and discovered Black Velvet, who confronted the two, Croft managed to escape though he was captured the next day, although he managed to destroy much of the records of his work.

His body was found in Lake Michigan near Milwaukee in early 1977. And news reports stated that it was a contract killing by Black Velvet from either Oswald "Massacre" Morton of Detroit or The Deacon.