Elaine Girbachs

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Elaine Girbachs
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Real Name: Elaine
Base of Operations: Wyoming or the Dakotas

Personal Data

Relatives: Dr. Gearbox- father
Occupation: High School Math Teacher
Date of Birth: Late 1950s/Early 1960s
Civil Status: Married


Appearances (in Publication Order): Astro City: Beautie #1

Event Timeline


The daughter of Dr. Gearbox and the inventor of Beautie.


Elaine Girbachs as the daughter of the famed robotics criminal inventor Dr. Gearbox, possessed his knack for robotics, but turned out to be more skilled than he ever would.

Continuously shunned by her father, she attempted to prove her skills and abilities to him. It became ever worse after Elaine's mother died. She was able to reprogram the droids and robots that helped around the house. But her crowning achievement was in creating a life size robot of the famous Beautie doll. She intended the doll to be someone to help keep her company when her father was away and to help out with other tasks. But upon finding out about her achievements on his return from bank job foiled by Supersonic, he once again berated Elaine that math and sciences were for men and that she should stay out his affairs.

Understandably upset she commanded Beautie, to go away and that she never wanted to see the android again. Her father ended up being killed while battling Honor Guard when his Robosaur accidentally malfunctioned, after which Elaine observed it was because of a design flaw. Dr. Gearbox never took the time to even look at his daughters achievements and abilities, for if so he would have seen someone who was more advanced than him and not even a teenager yet.

Elaine put her and her father's history behind her and became a math teacher at the local high school. But through the years Beautie's program kept slipping and a natural questioning or who she was and where she came from, kept coming back to her. But each time she would return back to Elaine's cabin, she would be turned away. In the late 2000s, it was becoming a more and more common thing, when on one the visits, M.P.H. was following Beautie. Elaine explained her history, before M.P.H. pointed out that while she can't do nothing about her bad relationship with her father, her "daughter" was out there and needed her help. Whether Elaine ever had a change of heart and accepted Beautie is unknown.