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Earliest (in world) Appearance: 2001

Personal Data

Hair: black


Appearances (in Publication Order): 9-11 - The World's Finest Comic Book Writers & Artists Tell Stories to Remember

Event Timeline


A young boy rescued from the Drake Towers after King Missile smashed into it.


A year or so after being rescued by Arnold Prentice, young Farrell got his dad to drive him to the fire station that he used to work at, in order to thank him for saving him personally.

Giving Mr. Prentice, Arnie, who lost a leg, a ride home, Farrell asks why he sacrificed himself and went back inside the building after Farrell was rescued? Prentice tells him, "..that someone has to do it. And it should be trained professionals." He pointed out the number of people who saved over his career, was well worth it.

After dropping him off at a cemetery, Farrell is at first confused, until his father tells him that the men at the fire station told him, those were the men who got Arnold out of the building. On the way home, Farrell starts to let it all sink in on the nature of sacrifice and heroism for the greater good of others.


The name Farrell is a reference to Fireman Farrell which was a character that John Prentice worked on at DC. Hence the connection between the names and the story plot.