The Flying Fox (Samantha Cronin)

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The Flying Fox (Samantha Cronin)
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Status: Active as of 2003
Real Name: Samantha Cronin
Earliest (in world) Appearance: 1999-2000
Base of Operations: Astro City, mainly in Northside Communities

Personal Data

Relatives: (mother) Irene Merryweather-Cronin

(father) State Senator Cronin


Appearances (in Publication Order): Kurt Busiek's Astro City Vol.2 #21

Astro City: Local Heroes #2

Event Timeline


A street-level crime-fighter who travels on an aero-cycle.


Samantha Cronin is the daughter of strong and once prominent political-aid, Irene Merryweather-Cronin. Throughout Samantha's life, her mother's ingenuity and indomitable spirit were a source of inspiration for her, eventually motivating her to become a superhero, the Flying Fox.

Early in her career, the Flying Fox ran into comic book writer Sally Twinings at the Astro City Comic Book Convention. The two discussed the possibility of an authorized comic about her exploits as a new superhero, focusing on the challenges of starting out, earning respect, and establishing a reputation.


During her early years, there was public speculation the Flying Fox might be a lesbian. While probably true, it is unclear if she has since confirmed her sexual status. By the same token, it is her business and the administration and editorial staff here at Herocopia respect her position.

Speculations, Theories

There does not seem to be a connection between her and the original Flying Fox. But then again, who knows for sure.