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This input box and button provide a quick way to create a new page for individual heroes, villains, and teams. Pretty much anything character related.

Please make sure you understand the various parameters and how they work. Please check to insure the page doesn't already exist. Exact spelling is important. Changing the Default Name to something else is also a good idea.

If you need guidance, see hints and tips below.

Character Page Templates[edit]

We've got templates. Not very many, but for editing Characters, these work great. They work for Heroes and Villains (the templates signed a neutrality clause) and can even be used for Teams, Civilian pages and other character related stuff.

A Character Page is usually constructed using the following two Character templates. In fact, for consistency across the Herocopia site, it is highly recommended to use them. With practice, you will find them very helpful and much easier than building a Character page from scratch.

Each template has several parameters (all optional) that can be filled in where appropriate. It will depend on the character, how much information is available from the stories, or if the information applies. There are many excellent pages to use as models. Find one that suits your needs and use it as a guideline for your new page.

These two templates are also undergoing major editing work of their own, mainly cosmetic. But any future changes made to those templates, should not effect the outer mechanics of authors using them to construct pages. This is a major reason to stick with using these templates when building a character page.

See each templates' associated documentation section for more information.