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Read on if you are interested in contributing content to the officially sanctioned website, dedicated to the award winning comic series Astro City.

New Users: Aid to Getting Started

Kurt Busiek, Brent Anderson, Alex Ross and Company have been creating new characters at a frantic pace. So frantic, Herocopia authors have been challenged to keep pace. Many of these new characters either are missing from Herocopia altogether, or they have what we call a stub-page, with little to no information provided. I have used some basic wiki query code, to build a stub list on your user talk pages. It is also included at the bottom of this page. You can use either of them to navigate directly to pages that are stubby in nature, or feel free to build a new page for characters not yet included.

As the Orbor Mystery continues to unfold, there are a dozen or so new (and old) characters that need entries built for them, or clean-up editing updates. A review of Astro City issues one, five, and six would be a good starting point for fleshing out more details about the Broken Man, Mister Cakewalk. Dame Progress, Lord Saampa, to name but a few.

- jb the ib -

There are four major areas (and a lot of little ones too) where Herocopia is always in need of help.

#1) Authoring Character Pages
We use templates for Characters and other things relating to Astro City. Assistance on how to use them can be found by clicking here.

#2) Building Event Note Cards for Events and Annotations
We are currently in a big push to build Event Annotation Note Cards. These too are template driven, and they are engineered to generate automatic timelines and appearance lists for just about everything related to Astro City.

More information on how you can help with this part of the Herocopia Project can be found by clicking here.

#3) Authoring Non-Character Pages
These are pages that relate to City infrastructure, places, neighborhoods, organizations and things beyond Astro City proper. They are built using Device templates.

#4) General Editing and Fact Checking
In addition, a lot of the longer running characters need updates, or attention, and some could use a touch of editing here and there to make them more readable. The Fact Checking usually requires going back to the source material and validating the information here on the Herocopia site. That means reading Astro City Comics. Rough work for sure, but someone has to do it.

Help information for general mediaWiki editing can be found further down on this very page.

General Editing Tools[edit] is a MediaWiki website. Do you want to contribute, but do not know how to edit pages? These guides might be of help.

Basic Guidelines pertaining to Herocopia[edit]

The intended audience for this website are the casual readers of Astro City Comics. It is a place for them to visit when they want additional information about the characters, places and events that occur between the covers of those publications.

With that in mind, here are some additional Guidelines for authors to consider.

  • Provide Context to your Writing
Trivia is great, that is a major aspect of what this site is all about. However, when appending it to Herocopia pages, try to provide context, so the information isn't just noise.
For example this isn't very useful to a casual reader:
Earliest Appearance: 1959, 1964 to general population of Earth
This on the other hand provides meaningful context that allows a Herocopia visitor to clearly understand the information being provided. Basically it has meaning and can be easily understood:
In 1959, Eliot Mills saw and reported this incident for a feature story that he hoped would be printed in the Astro City Rocket newspaper. It was massively edited before publication and the general public did not hear of Shirak until five years later.

  • [clarification needed]
Usually and in most cases, when "[clarification needed]" is sprinkled into the commentary, it is because some form of specific information is needed to provide context to the commentary. Follow the suggestion mention above and/or a combination of the following is also suggested as a possibility.
  1. An issue, page and panel reference if it is in story.
  2. If it is out of story, a reference or link to the outside source is helpful. The letters page perhaps, or a thread forum on the web (link provided if at all possible).
  3. If you are referencing a comment that one of the creators have stated, an exact quote is nice if possible, with a link if it is online.
  4. Bruisers, the message board run by John Rosell, is gone. Many of us long timers still have memories of commentary made there, but with it gone there is no link. But if you are referring to something from there, some kind of specific reference to it is helpful, provides context and backs up the comment.
During the heyday of the creator developed message board, Bruiser's, the identity and background of The Blue Knight caused quite a flurry of activity. Many commentators immediately noticed the visual hint of the Blue Knight's image reflected in car mirrors and darkened windows, strategically placed in a few of the panels featuring police officer Joshua Stone. One poster even tried to elicit commentary by suggesting that not only was Joshua the Blue Knight, but he was also patrolling the streets of Astro City as The Street Angel.
Keep in mind, the goal is to provide a reference point, a basis for stating the speculation.
Use footnotes if the reference is cumbersome and breaks the word flow of the main commentary.

  • Try to avoid "passive voice" sentence structures.
They are cumbersome and difficult to read with comprehension. Unfortunately, this site is littered with examples. Please try not to add to the confusion-pollution. If you need help identifying "passive voice," this article [1] is concise and clear. Anyway I liked it. You can also "google" for others.
Please use good judgement when editing "passive voice" passages. Not all of them are evil.

  • Create and Use Tables!
Please try to minimize creating a multitude of Herocopia pages for depositing tiny tidbits of information. Consider instead using a table or list on a single page. The information will organize better that way, and will be a more pleasing reading experience for visitors to our site. If you need help building tables, this page[2] should prove useful. You can also tug on my cape for questions. I will work to answer then as time permits.
UPDATE: now that we are integrating more and more SemanticWiki queries into the pages of Herocopia, the best choice for containing tibits of data will be on the pages of Annotation Event Note Cards. We can use queries to extract out the information and let wiki derived a lot of our tables automatically. Maintenance will be far easier, and the note cards provided direct context to the source of the data tidbits being referenced.

  • Other Stuff
The Herocopia Project encompassed within this wiki site is changing and maturing. There is still a LOT of stuff about the tools and structures of mediaWiki to learn and digest. Changes will continue as we learn more.
The general attitudes here are more lax than the main Wikipedia site. Please help to keep them that way. I hate rules and fiefdoms.

Thanks for your patience and understanding here.

- The Information Broker

Quick tips for creating and editing pages[edit]

Create a new page[edit]

  • Go to the two Character templates and copy the "syntax" portion from the template's documentation.
  • Then navigate to the page you want to create, i.e. to create a page for "Samaritan" enter
    in your browser.
  • Click the "edit" tab, paste the template code, and start creating!

Link to another page[edit]

  • Surround the word in double brackets...
    ...and it will link to that page, whether it exists yet or not.

Linking Page to a Category[edit]

  • At the bottom of a page, enter
    [[Category: (category name)]]
    and it will link to that category, as well as include the page in that category (whether the category exists yet or not).
  • To create a link to a category *without* including the page in that category, add a colon in front, i.e.
    [[:Category: (category name)]]

Image Uploading[edit]

  • Check Special:Imagelist to see if the image you need already exists.
  • If not, upload a new image here:
  • Try to find clean images that are complete. By that, I mean don't chop word balloons in half, don't make small images larger than their scanned size. In otherwords, use good visual editing skills when choosing images.
  • Except for covers from, Don't pirate images from other sites, even if they source from Astro City comics. Scan them yourself.
  • To use the image, place this tag into the page:
  • To align the image to the right, use this tag:
  • To place a thumbnail of a larger image, use:
  • Any text entered in the tag that isn't recognized will appear as a caption in the thumbnail image, i.e.
    [[Image:filename.jpg|right|thumb|250px|This is a picture of Samaritan]]

Pages that Need Help[edit]

While you are always welcome to edit and add to any page(s) that catch your attention, the following pages have been marked as "stubs" and could use some help.

Stubs List[edit]

A Little KnowledgeA Little Knowledge
Adventures in Other WorldsAdventures in Other Worlds
Ashton ColtAshton Colt
Astro City Fire DepartmentAstro City Fire Department
Astro City No.10Astro City No.10
Astro City No.12Astro City No.12
Astro City No.13Astro City No.13
Astro City No.14Astro City No.14
Astro City No.15Astro City No.15
Astro City No.16Astro City No.16
Astro City No.17Astro City No.17
Astro City No.18Astro City No.18
Astro City No.19Astro City No.19
Astro City No.2Astro City No.2
Astro City No.20Astro City No.20
Astro City No.21Astro City No.21
Astro City No.22Astro City No.22
Astro City No.23Astro City No.23
Astro City No.24Astro City No.24
Astro City No.25Astro City No.25
Astro City No.27Astro City No.27
Astro City No.28Astro City No.28
Astro City No.29Astro City No.29
Astro City No.3Astro City No.3
Astro City No.30Astro City No.30
Astro City No.31Astro City No.31
Astro City No.32Astro City No.32
Astro City No.33Astro City No.33
Astro City No.34Astro City No.34
Astro City No.35Astro City No.35
Astro City No.36Astro City No.36
Astro City No.4Astro City No.4
Astro City No.5Astro City No.5
Astro City No.6Astro City No.6
Astro City No.7Astro City No.7
Astro City No.8Astro City No.8
Astro City No.9Astro City No.9
Brian MorgansternBrian Morganstern
Mr. BridwellMr. Bridwell
Carlos AndrianiCarlos Andriani
K.O. CarsonK.O. Carson
The ChoirboysThe Choirboys
Cleopatra (Original)Cleopatra (Original)
Colin O'CarrColin O'Carr
... further results