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New "Device" Templates[edit]

We now have separately designed templates to support non-character related entries like landmarks, gizmos, neighborhoods, etc. Please use them for this purpose going forward. Also feel free to ween current landmark, gizmo, neighborhoods, etc. from the character templates to these newly provided ones.

There are three templates in all and they are named according to their layout form.



This displays a single image above the text in a landscape or horizontal fashion.



This displays a single image on the left hand side of the layout in a portrait or vertical fashion. The text stays in a column on the right.



This displays a single image that floats to the left in a vertical fashion. Text will flow around the image.

You can manual add additional images to any of the templates you favor. Each template also provides automatic interface code to pick up any annotation events that reference them. The Monstro City entry is good for seeing this in action.