Hummingbird (Amanda Hammacher)

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Hummingbird (Amanda Hammacher)
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Status: Active
Real Name: Amanda Hammacher
Earliest (in world) Appearance: 2008
Affiliation: Honor Guard

Personal Data

Relatives: (mother) The Original Hummingbird
Date of Birth: mid to late 1980s


Appearances (in Publication Order): Astro City: Beautie #1

Astro City #17, 25, 26, 27

Event Timeline


Her powers and skills all seem to handed down, perhap even genetically from her mother, the original Hummingbird.


In 2008 she aided Honor Guard in repelling a Torori invasion attempt. A comment assumed to be hers, references "thanks for the invitation to join..." That might refer just to the battle that day, or (more likely) an invitation to be an active member of Honor Guard. Her latest in-story appearance would seem to confirm the later as she makes commentary to an annual event called Red Cake Day. There is nothing to indicate if she was aware of this event prior to joining Honor Guard, although it seems possible.



She appears to have the power to project some form of energy blast, which she calls a "Hypersonic Hum," in addition to flight. Most of her powers are blessings from the gods of Khapak Iqun; a partial list includes great spirit, grace, strength, a keen mind, luck, and curiosity. Notably, her flight appears to be related to a curse laid on her by the dark god Jabaja - one which may eventually turn her into a bird, although the blessings she received from the other gods appear to be slowing down the transformation.

Hummingbird can not endure the vacuum of space without a helmet.