Joey Lacroix

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Joey Lacroix
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Status: Active - Inactive - Deceased - Retired
Real Name: Joey Lacroix
Earliest (in world) Appearance: Early Winter 2013.

Personal Data

Relatives: An Aunt named Peggy


Appearances (in Publication Order): Astro City #7, 8, 9, 10

Event Timeline


Joey Lacroix, badly beaten, damaged emotionally, makes his way into the central compound of Samothrace, a training school for women, sponsored and run by none other than Winged Victory, one of the most powerful and most controversial super-heroes that call Astro City their home.


His immediate goal is sanctuary, his longer term objective is training and a place to establish a stronger self-worth. His one major problem, besides his wounds, is that he is male and he has come to a place that only trains women. His insistence, his youth, and some major but timely distractions allow him to stay. He even convinces the staff to let him meet Winged Victory herself.


He claims that his aunt trained at the facility many years ago, and that her example is his reason for coming to Samothrace. Yet his presence is more than just a minor mystery. Somehow, on a night with a full moon brightly shining, he manages to get deep into the core of a well guarded facility before being discovered. There is also an object that he carries with him. An amulet perhaps or a mystical charm. He guards it carefully. No one else seems aware of it.

A reluctant Healer Meg, part physician part spiritual healer, patches him up, heals his physical wounds. Yet she too is distracted by the larger threat to Samothrace One, and all of Winged Victory's special organizations for the protection of women. Someone or something is out to destroy her. Could Joey somehow be part of that sinister plan, or is he just an innocent bystander? A pawn for now that might be elevated to a higher role in the salvation of Winged Victory's reputation, goals, and her very life purpose.