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Status: Incarcerated as of December 2002
Real Name: Kroseth IV of Antares
Earliest (in world) Appearance: 1959
Base of Operations: extraterrestrial Antares

Personal Data


First Mentioned: Astro City: Local Heroes 2002 News Article

Event Timeline

1959     Caption

2002/12/17     Headline


Alien conqueror from Antares. Also known as Kroseth the Invader.


Either Kroseth IV or an earlier version, under the name Kroseth the Invader, fought Honor Guard in 1959, and possibly many times in-between. Kroseth disguised himself as a house in Goldwater Heights for 10 months in 2002 before being found out and defeated by Honor Guard. On a previous occasion when he and Honor Guard clashed, he had been thought destroyed but he actually fused himself with the Repli-Matrix, escaping when Honor Guard later used it to rebuild a destroyed house in early 2002. Under the name Kroseth the Intruder, fought Honor Guard in Montana in 2013.


Has the ability to mentally control beings.

Speculations, Theories

It's not known for sure if the Kroseth that was active in 2002 was indeed the same one Honor Guard went up against in one of their first few adventures in 1959. It is also unknown whether there is a connection between Kroseth and the Antarean Kaleidojewel.