Manny Monkton

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Manny Monkton
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Status: Presumed Deceased
Earliest (in world) Appearance: early 1960s

Personal Data

Occupation: Comic Book Publisher


Appearances (in Publication Order): Kurt Busiek's Astro City Vol.2 #21

Event Timeline


The wild and sensationalist publisher of Bulldog Comics.


Manny Monkton was a mile a minute type man. He didn't just want action stories, he wanted pulse pounding excitement from cover to cover. So, that meant juicing up some of details of police reports and taking liberties with real life heroes and villains. He continually bilked Crackerjack, the lone hero he had an actual license for out of royalties and payments and ran afoul of Nightingale regarding his comic portrayal of the female hero.

Monkton started out in the 1960s with Rampart Comics as an editor, but by the 1970s was fired for his loose and wild storytelling style. Angered within a few months, he started up Bulldog Comics, with longtime art partner Eli Oliver.

In early 2000, he took promising comics writer, Sally Twinings under his wing. Even after weeks and weeks of her turning in scripts that continually were re-written in the Bulldog style, he kept working with her and giving her more work seeing something in her talent. He saw they both liked to be "where the action was."

At the Astro City Comicon, Manny was in the middle of a panel, when the supervillain Glowworm busted in demanding to find Manny. Upset with a comic that depicted him as being a racist, he thrashed Manny and put him in the hospital. But by that night even with broken bones and burns, he was back to his jovial self. It also inspired him to create a new line dealing with Cosmic heroes, who wouldn't give a "gnat's fart" about ordinary humans.

Six months later, the Cosmic Action books were the top selling books in the comics world. One morning that Manny had gotten to the offices very early, the whole building disappeared from its spot. After arriving later, Sally Twinings, noted the musty smell of ozone which could almost be considered like a 'gnat's fart,' undoubtedly Manny had managed to piss off a cosmic powered being somehow.