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This Herocopia entry discusses events that occurred in an issue of Astro City Comics published within the last 90 days.

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Status: Exterminated(?)
Earliest (in world) Appearance: earth year: 1942
Origin: Astro City No.41

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Appearances (in Publication Order): Astro City No.41

Event Timeline


"They were called the Merivani. Ruthless, vicious, bent on nothing but conquest, and worse..."
-- Roy Virgil


The Astro-Naut witnessed them destroying a whole star system. Four worlds, two moons. He engaged them in battle. It is unclear if he was successful, or if the devastation was so vast, that even in victory, it seemed like a great loss.

He encountered them near Procyon, a star system, about 11.5 light years from earth. Their actual place of origin is unknown. Their total population not revealed.

Eventual they found their way to Astro City and earth. A late Spring night in 1946 numerous Merivani vessels blackened the skies of Astro City. The world was still recovering from the aftermath of World War II. But despite that battle weariness, it wouldn't have made any difference. Earth wasn't ready for alien invasions in that time frame. They didn't have the technology, or so everyone thought until, like the cavalry in a Western Epic, the Astro-Naut returned from his self-imposed seclusion. Accompanied by a fleet of futuristic drones that he had spent years producing he once again engaged the evil foes. He made it very clear to the warring Merivani, "Not this planet. Not this city."

The outcome was a complete eradication of the entire invading Merivani, their fleet, even the mother ship. Nothing survived the great explosion in the sky. Nothing for government agents to scavenge or try to replicate for their possibly evil goals.

There is no indication of additional Mervani out in space somewhere, still plundering other alien civilizations. Then too, there is also nothing that says there aren't more out there... waiting, wondering what happened to their warrior brethren who went missing on what was thought to be a minor mission to Earth. Preparing perhaps for a return visit in our not too distant futures.



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