Omnius Rex

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Omnius Rex
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Status: Unknown
Earliest (in world) Appearance: 1977

Personal Data


Appearances (in Publication Order): Astro City: A Visitor's Guide

Event Timeline



Evil and immensely powerful, Omnius Rex battled with Starfighter in 1977. Nearly 30 years later, in 2004, his psychic essence was discovered in a small device in the lair of a criminal madman named the Silver Brain. The discovery was triggered after an innocent woman accidentally freed him. Omnius Rex took over her body, but he was soon driven out and recaptured by the combined might of some of Astro City's heroes.


  • His considerable powers required a large number of Astro City's heroes working together to stop him.
  • He has demonstrated flight and super-strength.
  • He wields a distinctive axe weapon that fires some sort of energy blast.