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Ordinary Heroes


Ordinary Heroes[edit]

The son of a superhero must choose his future. A lawyer faces challenges far beyond any human court. A long-forgotten villain has a chance at finding new glory. And a cat may be the difference between life and death for a frightened child. Heroes…all around you.

In Astro City, where the general public walks side by side with heroes, villains, monsters and more, the ordinary and the extraordinary are never far apart.

From tales of villains, heroes, bystanders and even house pets, acclaimed creators Kurt Busiek, Alex Ross and an all-star gathering of artists invite you in to discover the lives beyond the costumes and the human side of the superhuman.

The 15th volume in the award-winning ASTRO CITY series.

Collects issues #35, #36, #39, #40, #42 and #44.



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Ordinary Heroes Ordinary Heroes



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