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Status: Retired
Real Name: Charlie Provost
Earliest (in world) Appearance: early 1970s
Affiliation: sidekick to Starfighter

Personal Data


Appearances (in Publication Order): as Charlie Provost
Astro City: The Dark Age Book Four #1

Astro City #22

Event Timeline


As a youth, Quark was a sidekick to the super-hero Starfighter.


Starfighter trained him to master unique skills by linking into a special force called the Cosmic Lorus. Unfortunately, Quark choose to brandish their powers in a brutal fashion. This prompted Starfighter to wipe the Lorus knowledge from his mind. Since then Charlie's main means of financial support has come form convention appearances.

Years later, long after his crime-fighting days were done, Charlie pursued acting as a career. He was cast on a sitcom, called The Secret. The show focused on a group of friends, with the twist that one of them was secretly a superhero.


The Cosmic Lorus: Charlie could somehow sense the Lorus, and persuaded Starfighter to train him in its usage. However he could only memorize the patterns and had no real cosmic or spiritual connection to their wondrous powers.


  • During an promotional interview for the sitcom series he was starring in, the now adult Charlie Provost insisted that his stint as Quark was not a sidekick role, but rather as Starfighter's full partner.