Quarrel (Mack Taggart)

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Quarrel (Mack Taggart)
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Status: Inactive
Real Name: Doolittle Taggart
Earliest Appearance: early to mid 1960s
Affiliation: Terrifying Three

Personal Data


Appearances (in Publication Order): Kurt Busiek's Astro City Vol.2 #15

Astro City: The Dark Age Book One #3
Astro City #18, 21

Event Timeline


The villainous father of the current Quarrel.


In the early to mid 1960s, Quarrel was part of the short lived super villain team the Terrifying Three along with Cutlass and the Steel-Jacketed Man. Together, the trio engaged in a number of heists, often involving not only cash but also cutting-edge or otherwise innovative technologies they could sell.

At the same time, Quarrel had a family living in abject poverty in rural eastern Kentucky. After the birth of his daughter Jessica Darlene, he was looking for one last score so he could settle down and retire, but he was never able to get out--not even after the births of his other children (Toby, Mack, and Dickie). Instead, he spent the money he stole on equipment upgrades and payments to various backers for particular jobs, while his wife relied primarily on alcohol to pass the time.

Meanwhile, the family's meals often consisted of whatever one of the children had managed to hunt that day. Quarrel taught them all to shoot and fight whenever he was not away from home--although for many years the rest of the family thought he was a mailman with an expansive rural district to cover.

Eventually, Quarrel's secret criminal life came to light when, a month after making a two-million-dollar score, he and the other members of the Terrifying Three were defeated and captured by Jack-in-the-Box after they attempted to rob a luxury riverboat resort.

Quarrel's daughter Jessica hitchhiked her way to visit him in prison, but he could only provide excuses for his actions, promising the girl that he would have spent the money on schools and a new home, and so on. After returning home, Jessica began training for her eventual career as the second individual to use the Quarrel moniker.

Over the years, Quarrel broke out of prison a few times to return home and visit his family. On one occasion, he found Jessica practicing with his equipment. He attempted to talk her out of the life he had lived, but he only succeeded in convincing her to be a hero.

Years later, Quarrel would attempt to contact his daughter via email, but she would not respond for several years after that. By the time she responded, he was living in the Allendale Assisted Living Facility for the Elderly and Infirm in West Virginia, where he used a walker to move around. The two Taggarts had a productive conversation about their relationship, and Jessica suggested she might visit him again.


He seemed to use a lot of the similar bolt blasters that his daughter uses.

Speculations, Theories

In 1973, Quarrel--or someone who looked very much like him--was involved in an effort spearheaded by Simon Magus to drive out the vengeance spirit possessing the Blue Knight.[1]


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