Reflex 6

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Reflex 6
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Status: Active
Base of Operations: Seattle, Washington (presumed)
Range of Operations: Global

Personal Data

Members: Skyraker (leader)

Astra Furst (part time)
Gorgona, the Gorgon (on leave of absence)
Jimmy Shade

Former Members:


Appearances (in Publication Order): Astro City #1, 14, 23, 24

Event Timeline


A Millennial aged team of Super-heroes formed several years ago by Jason Szolda, who now goes by the name of Skyraker.


Depending on your perspective, exactly when they officially formed as a team is open to speculation and interpretation. As early as 2009, Jason already had very definitive plans for the structure and workings of the team. This included a particular roster of members, along with possible team names, a base of operations, and financial backing. If he had gotten a full group of six, he planned to use the name "The Reflex 6." If not he had a fall back name of "Firewall." One person he definitely wanted on his team was Astra Furst.

In the Summer of 2013, members of the group were some of heroes investigating The Doors over the Gaines River which turned out to Telseth's arrival.


As Jason planned, they are based in Seattle. To date, they have been spotted in action in Astro City and Minneapolis.