Rosemary Lucey

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Rosemary Lucey
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Base of Operations: 414 DeCarlo Avenue, Goldwater Heights

Personal Data

Occupation: Retiree
Date of Birth: 1934


Appearances (in Publication Order): Astro City: Local Heroes 2002 News Article

Event Timeline

2002/12/17     Headline


A retiree living in Goldwater Heights who enjoys crossword puzzles.


Rosemary's house has been destroyed twice as a result of superhero battles; first, between Samaritan and Glowworm, in late 2001. When Honor Guard rebuilt her home in early 2002 with the Repli-Matrix, they inadvertently released Kroseth, whom they thought was destroyed out. He fused himself, as part of Mrs. Lucey's new house, unbeknownst to everyone, before he started killing off squirrels that had irritated Mrs. Lucey and mentally controlling local civil servants. Honor Guard investigated in December 2002 and found out it was Kroseth. During the conflict, Mrs. Lucey's house was destroyed again. Kroseth was captured again and Honor Guard promised to build her another house, by more conventional means.


With her living in Goldwater Heights, a tribute to Archie publisher John Goldwater, Mrs. Lucey is a tribute to Archie artist Harry Lucey.