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Since the start of the wiki version of the Herocopia site (2007 or thereabouts), I have wanted to get the Roustabout entry to look as much like the page that circa 2003, John Roshell constructed on the original, non-mediaWiki Herocopia site. He created this page in support of The Pastoral story from Astro City: Local Heroes No.3.

When the powers that be decided to head down the mediaWiki path for an Astro City website, this page lost a great deal of that original look. It was on my todo list for a long time to restore this page back to what John Rosell originally created. Finally, with the new site back in play (complete with parser functions) we pulled it together.

Please do not alter this page to the new format. It is constructed in this fashion, with this old look-n-feel for two very good reasons. One, since it was the first page, and for awhile the only page on Herocopia, it is here to celebrate the 10th year since Herocopia's inception. Two, it's nice to have this page look like the printed version in the comic book, providing a nice continuity for anyone encountering Astro City and Herocopia for the first time via that wonderful story about Cammie, Caplinville, and Roustabout.

Thanks for the indulgence.

--Infobroker (talk) 20:11, 29 July 2013 (PDT)