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The Silver Adept


The Silver Adept[edit]

She's one of Astro City’s most powerful mystic heroes. A newspaper article among the Broken Man's odd and mysterious collection details the heroine Silver Adept's recent move to Astro City and her assisting the Honor Guard in their battle with Mister Mystoro. But that is just part of her very hectic life style. She is so busy being an "adept" authority on all things mystical, she even has a small staff assisting her.

Stockton and Moreton
They're not cats (that's for sure) and they're not exactly dogs. But they are something cute, sensitive, friendly and while not demonstrated yet, no doubt very protective. Not sure which is Stockton and which is Moreton. Except for color and perhaps gender, they source from the same species. While their position in Silver Adept's entourage seems to be that of pets, with mystics, you can never be sure, and you should never assume...