The Assemblyman (Villain)

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The Assemblyman (Villain)
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Status: Unknown
Earliest (in world) Appearance: 1972
Base of Operations: Los Angeles

Personal Data


Appearances (in Publication Order): Kurt Busiek's Astro City Vol.2 #16

Event Timeline


Assemblyman, a technical savant, was bribed by El Hombre to build a giant sized robot meant to terrorize the people of Los Angeles at a time when el Hombre's popularity was waning.


It was a staged plan with el Hombre intending to save them and win back the adoration of the masses. However, Assemblyman double-crossed him, building a robot that was too powerful for El Hombre to defeat. Instead, it went on a rampage, killing civilians and destroying property. It was eventually defeated by Honor Guard, who then traced it back to Assemblyman. He confessed his part in El Hombre's scheme.


Incredible technical skills with robotics.


A fanciful lab loaded with advanced equipment and specialize tools.