The Real Thing

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The Real Thing
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Status: Active as of 1997
Earliest (in world) Appearance: 1997
Base of Operations: Atlanta, Georgia

Personal Data


First Mentioned: Kurt Busiek's Astro City Vol.2 #9

Event Timeline


An Atlanta, Georgia based hero.


The Real Thing is described as 'looming over the city [of Atlanta] and swatting Enelsian ships out of the sky. That would infer he, she, or it, as being some sort of large monstrous creature.

Speculations, Theories

Since both are Atlanta, Georgia based, the name is no doubt a tongue-in-check reference to one of the many Coca Cola Company's slogans starting with 1969's "It's the Real Thing."

A fan question posted on creator, Kurt Busiek's website, hints at the connection and explains why we will probably never see The Real Thing on-panel.