The Silver Agent's Adventures in Time

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In 1973 the Silver Agent was brought by means of chrono-harpoon into the 43rd century, by the Silver Centurions to help them in their fight against the iGod. After a prolonged five year battle, with the Centurions emerging victorious, the Silver Agent felt something tugging at him that this wasn't where he belonged. Even though his friends try to talk him out of it, he knows he has to return back to his time. he

While he eventually made his way back home, he took a stuttering path; traversing that segment of timeline bracketed by the 43rd century on one end and his own time on the other, he made a number of stops along the way. At some of these stops he passed the time there peacefully, while at others he fought and strive.

The Return Adventures[edit]

In the furthermost future era he stops at, Earth becomes the battlefield of the two humongous titans, the Silicoids. One is a rocky giant, almost a mountain shaped into man shape. The other, avian and resembling a more glass-like form of the mineral both derive their name from, is all angles and planes, a winged raptor that is also a fractal nightmare. What the two towering figures share is their "harmonic madness," which drives them into raging combat with one another. Alongside the people of that era, the Agent retrieves from a bunker the necessary data to cure that madness.

In a future somewhat less distant, yet still far, far way, Earth was under invasion by the insectoid Hive Warriors. The Silver Agent fought beside the Steelhearts, men and women who sacrificed their very physical bodies to become battle-worthy robots, to break the aliens' attack on the country-to-come known as Ohmerika. The victory was not without cost; their supply of pseudo-plasm destroyed, the Steelhearts could no longer regain their lost humanity.

On a flooded globe, the Agent rode with the Aqua-Knights, armored warriors whose steeds could perhaps be compared to seahorses, if seahorses were large enough to ride saddle-back and sported jutting, seaweed-like growths from their hides. Together, they found the means to lower the water level, un-sinking a sunken world.

In a shadowy military command center, he viewed holographic displays and discussed with military commanders and leaders the strategies of their desperate struggle.

When the remnants of human civilization were bifurcated into feral women who rode giant hamsters and barbarian men, the Agent united the genders once more.

Ascending Mount Kirby against winds and pounding rain, he and others found the lost library (whose robots were, fortunately, still functioning) that would help rebuild the world.

This and more he experienced on the way home...