The Thermians

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The Thermians
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Status: Active
Base of Operations: Another Dimension

Personal Data


Appearances (in Publication Order): Kurt Busiek's Astro City Vol.2 #6

Event Timeline


An inter dimensional race made up of fire.


Earth is the interface point between the Thermians' home-world and that of their enemies, the Frigians. This has led to both groups finding ways to open spacial portals so they can attack one another on Earth. Should their be human calateral damage is of no matter to them as they continue their ages long feud. The last published account happen in the July of 1997 in Antarctica. Deep winter there, putting the Thermians at a distinct disadvantage, at least as it relates to temperature. Both groups were defeated when Honor Guard intervened.


Their name and appearance suggest having abilities related to fire.


They carry some kind of harness packs that enable them to project fire blasts.