The iGod

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The iGod
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Status: Destroyed in the future

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Appearances (in Publication Order): Astro City: Silver Agent #1

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A powerful intelligence in the future that will attempt to consume the existence of everything in the universe.


By the 43rd century, the iPod media player had evolved into a vast machine intelligence. This iGod assimilated all living organisms in its sight, making them extensions of itself, slivers of its growing mind. Through this process, known as "hanshakking," it converted entire worlds. At the height of its power, it had over one hundred whole planets in its "list."

The Silver Centurions fought a losing war against the iGod's inexorable expansion for five years. In the end, though, they were the victors, successfully uploading a code-bomb into the entity. At its termination, the countless converted lifeforms throughout the star-ways were freed from its control, becoming themselves once more.