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Status: Thought to be Inactive. No valid sitings since early 1980s
Real Name: Joshua Stone and/or Damon Stone
Earliest (in world) Appearance: Early 1970s
Affiliation: None. The Blue Knight is a loner. His method of operations distances him from any mainstream organizations, side-kicks, partners or team participation.
Base of Operations: Astro City, with an emphasis on Kiefer Square. He will also migrate to other neighborhoods where gangs and organized crime operations are concentrating.

Personal Data

Relatives: Damon Stone(son) was killed by stray bullets during a gang gunfight.
Occupation: police officer
Marital Status: unrevealed, thought to be single


Debut Issue: Astro City:Local Heroes #4
Headlines: October 14, 1983: Blue Knight Implicated In Slayings
Appearances: Astro City:Local Heroes #4, 5

Astro City: Dark Age Book 1 #2, 3, 4

"Sometimes justice comes from the barrel of a gun"

Police officer Joshua Stone, a single parent, is grieved at the lost of his only son. It becomes the motivating factor, pushing Joshua to brandish a harsher, vigilante form of justice as the Blue Knight. But is this really Joshua Stone enhancing his protection duties in the guise of a vengeful super-hero, or is this a spiritual manifestation of his murdered son's essence? We can't be sure. We do know that his career began in the early seventies, shortly after the death of his son, Damon, and there have been no confirmed sightings since the early 1980s. But there are rumors, and fear-filled speculation that the Blue Knight is still around, still patrolling the darker streets of Astro City.



The Oleck Family Incident



  • amidst the early appearances of the Blue Knight the Oleck Family Incident is also one of the most brutal.
  • The Forgione Mob strangely murder in the rugged wilderness, far from Astro City.
  • The family was saved from assassination by the Blue Knight who quietly and quickly murdered the mobsters, which included the

The Dark Age Sightings



  • personal encounters with the Williams brothers
  • pursuit of Royal Williams
  • possession and battle with mystic forces like Simon Magus


The Blue Knight's crime-fighting methodology is harsh and direct, reminiscent of old time gunslingers roaming the west in legendary fashion. He has assembled an awesome fighting arsenal to garner fear in his opponents. Many of the weapons are seemingly supernatural in effect. His costumed uniform is an icon, composed of various aspects of traditional police equipment, including badges, shielded helmet, batons and various assault weapons.

His primary hand guns fire ghost bullets that vanish after striking their target, leaving no trace or form of physical existence, save for the injury or destruction of their intended victims.

He also has a means of manifesting a bulls-eye image that appears on a targeted person, impossible to erase or rub off. A very ingenious device for triggering intense fear and panic. It is the tell-tale indication that the Blue Knight has selected you for his brand of justice.

Based on Vince Oleck's recollections, the Blue Knight also has the ability to intrude upon people's dreams. Or so it seems. That dream incidents could also be the results of a person under extreme stress. If true, this power would increase the likelihood of a supernatural source for at least some of the Blue Knights powers.


In 1984, a team of vigilantes calling themselves the Blue Knights emerged in Astro City. Their appearance was very similar to the original dark vigilante. Though they lacked the sophisticated gear and abilities, they used the imagery and reputation of the Blue Knight as a rallying symbol to vent their own angers on members of the criminal element. Their membership was comprised of both genders, and each individual had his/her own unique powers or abilities. Just what their connection to the singular Blue Knight is remains unknown.

Speculations, Theories

Part of the Blue Knight's fearful and mysterious imagery is enhanced since we still lack definite evidence in regards to whether his powers come from supernatural forces, or are the skilled detective techniques of a clever police officer using skilled detective techniques. Perhaps a a combination of the two. If it is the latter, then where do the special weaponry/engineering skills end and the supernatural aspects begin?

A newspaper article from 1983 purports that the Blue Knight was the ghost of officer Michael Stone (not Josh). It further details that he was killed with his whole precinct in a mob 'rubout' operation. The similarity in names could be a fact check oversight, an error of judgement on the part of the reporter, or maybe a tactic for concealment and misdirection.

Above and beyond the name error, further speculation might suggest some form of subterfuge or mistaken identity associated with the appearance of the group the Blue Knights near this time frame. One of them may have taken on the identity of the actual Blue Knight and it may have been him who was killed. Basic forensic evidence would tend to rule this out however.

That he hasn't been seen since the early 1980s is the final, possibly most perplexing mystery associated with the Blue Knight . Maybe his spiritual nature is calmer now, or his main vessel, Joshua Stone, is no longer physically able to serve as a useful host. Barring any spiritual mumbo-jumbo, perhaps the Blue Knight has just taken the common road to retirement.