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{{character infobox2
|image        = Image:Sample320.gif
|status      =  Deceased
|realname    = Donato Degamra
|debut        =
|earliest    = 
|origin      =
|affiliation  =
|baseops      =
|rangeops    =
|relatives    =
|aliases      =
|occupation  = Scientist
|birthdate    =
|maritalstatus =
|height      =
|weight      =
|eyes        =
|hair        =
|headlines    =
|appearances  = {{ASTRA}} [[{{ASTRA}} No.2|#2]] <br>
{{character page
|intro        = A scientist from the 212th Century who tried to wipe out the whole known universe.
|history      = The entity known as Degamra was terrified of his pending death. So terrified, he devised a scheme to completely abolish the entire universe when he died. He journeyed to the past and put in motion the actions that would result in a reverse big bang. When it began, all known universes and realities began collapsing into the time, place, dimension and space that was Degamra's physical self. Or anyway, whatever his physical and non-physical properties might be in such a phenomenon.
Many galaxies and worlds had already been destroyed by the time the [[First Family]] intervened. Armageddon had set up a collapser wave on an unimaginable scale drawing everything into it. The First Family was able to disrupt the wave by sending in a non-mechanical source; [[Astra Furst|Astra]]. After successfully disrupting the wave and saving the known universes, it was discovered that worlds close to Armageddon's weapon had suffered extreme damages.  Some destroyed, some contorted, collapse and contorted into a physics nightmare now known as the [[Gordian Knot]].
|powers      =
|equipment    =
|observations =
|speculations =
|timelines    =
|footnotes    =
[[Category: Villains]]
[[Category: Villains]]

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