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Status: Deceased
Real Name: Donato Degamra

Personal Data

Occupation: Scientist


Appearances (in Publication Order): Astro City: Astra Special #2

Event Timeline


A scientist from the 212th Century who tried to wipe out the whole known universe.


Degamra was afraid of death and wanted to destroy the universe with him when he died. He attempted to travel to the past and create a reverse big bang, which would have collapsed all known universes and realities throughout time into himself.

Many galaxies and worlds had already been destroyed by the time the First Family intervened. Armageddon had set up a collapser wave on an unimaginable scale drawing everything into it. The First Family was able to disrupt the wave by sending in a non-mechanical source; Astra. After successfully disrupting the wave and saving the known universes, it was discovered that worlds close to Armageddon's weapon and almost destroyed came to known as the Gordian Knot.