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Status: Deceased
Real Name: Chester Morisi
Earliest Appearance: 1998
Base of Operations: Kiefer Square neighborhood

Personal Data


Appearances (in Publication Order): Astro City: The Dark Age Book Three #1

Event Timeline


A black mask, murdered by the Kiefer Square killer.


After losing both of his arms, skilled machinist Chester Morisi developed a set of prosthetic arms that also housed a set of basic guns. Dubbing himself as Handgun he embarked on a life of crime. He soon built a complex weapons lab, located in a sub-basement of the apartment tenement where he lived. It was accessed via a secret elevator.

Over the years, he expanded his skill in cybernetic mechanics and constructed a broad array of artificial arms, each with their own unique weapons capabilities.

In 1982, while working for the Underlord, alongside Chain, he was captured by Jack-in-the-Box.

His widow, Aggie Morisi, later used one of Handgun's cybernetic-arms to aid in the defense of the Mock Turtle, a British super villain fleeing from the Chessmen.


Handgun used many different weapons-enabled artificial arms to commit crimes.


In 1982 he was working for the Underlord and was captured by Jack-in-the-Box.


His last name is likely a reference to Charlton Comics cartoonist and creator of Peter Cannon Thunderbolt Pete Morisi.