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HerocopiaMastHeadCity.jpgThe Planet Zirrus and all of its flora and fauna. Lots of creatures inhabit this globe, including the sapiens known as the Zirr.

Featured Articles...[edit]



Korzinn the Lost[edit]

One of the greatest warriors of recent times, destined to become an equally great leader until his life was cut short by vile menaces from another planet.





Ziriza is a young citizen on her way to adulthood and the understanding that goes with that journey. She has many questions, but she is also well trained, well disciplined. Anxious to do her share and be a healthy member of the community at large...





There are many animals that populate the planet Zirros. Some are creatures dark and sinister. Some are resourceful and friendly, making great pets. Grum is the perfect example of the later. Playful, energetic, strong, yet gentle. His species is curious, very social and well domesticated...


Hive School


Hive School[edit]

Hive Schools are the main means of public education throughout the landscapes of Zirros. They are a place to train for a Zirr's specialty and to learn and grow during each recuperation.


The Zirr


The Zirr[edit]

The Zirr are a proud people. Inhabitants of the planet Zirros, they train well, honoring unique histories, customs and traditions.


Plaza of Warlords