The Astro-Naut

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This Herocopia entry discusses events that occurred in an issue of Astro City Comics published within the last 90 days.

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The Astro-Naut
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Status: unknown
Real Name: Roy Virgil
Earliest (in world) Appearance: 1936
Origin: Astro City No.41
Base of Operations: Orbital Air Strip
Range of Operations: Galactic

Personal Data

Occupation: Advanced Avionics Engineer, Pilot, Businessman, Genius
Height: 6' 4" or so
Weight: 190ish
Eyes: brown
Hair: wavy black


Headlines: 1943: Astro-Naut Captures Ersatz Ed

Unknown: Astro-Naut Exposes Fifth Columnists

Appearances (in Publication Order): Astro City No.41

Event Timeline


"Are you talking about Flash Gordan stuff, Mr. Virgil? Rocket ships and space pilots, rocket jockeys?"

The word you are looking for, friends, is "Astronaut."


Wearing pilot goggles, leather jacket, and a long red scarf, The Astro-Naut made no pretense for a secret identity. He was testing rocket ship engines in flights over the city. Everyone knows him by his name, Roy Virgil. They also knew he was a bit eccentric, very wealthy, a visionary. His passion for traveling to space gave him the nickname, The Astro-Naut. That become his calling card.


  • Astro-naut's Orbital Airstrip harbors spacecrafts, special weapons, advanced technical gear, amazing manufacturing tools, and who knows what other equipment for traveling to outer space, distant planets, and perhaps even time itself.

Speculations, Theories

He sacrificed himself to save Romeyn Falls from imminent destruction. The town then renamed itself in honor of his bravery. The rocket beacon on AstroBank Tower was reconfigured, becoming a warning signal, alerting heroes of impending danger.