The Gordian Knot (Location)

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Beyond Astro City


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The Gordian Knot: A reality nexus where thousands of universes and their billions of planets have merged together. It formed as a manifestation of quirky physics calculations combined with intense and perhaps somewhat portentous astrophysics. In its current state, it is a patch, on a massively huge scale, keeping all known (and unknown) universes intact. Albeit, many are cosmically entwined with each other, awaiting their turn to be released from the Knot.

"The Knot exists in all realities, and outside them as well. Destroy it, and everything else will go with it, in the backlash." -- Astra Furst


In the Earth based year 2000 A.D., Armageddon, a super-villain from the future, attempted to create a reverse big bang effect designed to destroy all the universes that ever were or ever would be. While many worlds and galaxies were destroyed in his attempts, the First Family managed to override his collapsar wave, by sending in a non-mechanical source(Astra Furst).

While Armageddon was defeated, many worlds and realities near the weapon converged into one another and Astra's energy centric brainwaves were the only thing keeping them and the universes together in what became known as the Gordian Knot. Eventually Dr. Furst and other brilliant scientists from vast and varied worlds devised a wave-generator in tune with the pulse of all realities. It was a design to mimic and probably improve Astra's stabilizing influences on the incredible maze of intertwining universes.

Armageddon's ego-maniacal ploy besides being astronomically insane, remains a cruel act. In our universe alone, there are still countless civilizations trapped in the nucleus known as the Caldera. Fortunately, there is a vast army of scientists working to extract them from the Knot. It is both massive, yet also delicate work. Astra Furst has accepted an invitation to work with the Terran Team on this ongoing project.


Known Civilizations Located Near the Gordian Knot
  • Aristucia -
  • The Krelm - A civilization that tends to keep to themselves. They are somewhat antisocial and generally don't celebrate much with others.
  • Reklak 4 - A planet that celebrates almost all of the nearby worlds' various holidays.
  • Tellurin - Prince Gavrad's home planet and civilization.