The Assemblyman (Hero)

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The Assemblyman
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Status: Active
Real Name: Ken (surname unknown)
Affiliation: Honor Guard
Range of Operations: Global with Honor Guard

Personal Data


Appearances (in Publication Order): Astro City #3, 17, 25, 26, 27, 31

Event Timeline


The Assemblyman (Hero)

The heroic Assemblyman is a current member of Honor Guard, only recently returned to their ranks. His ability to produce all manner of high-tech machinery on the spot makes him an extremely useful asset to his teammates.


After a significant period of absence, the Assemblyman returned to action with Honor Guard's mission to lay siege to the Skullcrushers' hidden headquarters in Ecuador. He worked with Wolfspider and Quarrel to try to disrupt and penetrate the villains' shields. When Honor Guard employee Marella Cowper was abducted into the facility, he homed in on her ID badge to create a portal straight into the enemies' midst. ("Mistakes")

Following the latest supervillain attempt to kidnap and exploit various "sideliners," he brainstormed possible defenses they could implement. ("On the Sidelines")


The Assemblyman goes into action surrounded by a mass of high-tech raw material he calls a "nano-component system." Whether through innate abilities or some kind of technology, he can mentally shape this material, spontaneously molding it into whatever elaborate form or machinery he desires. His control is fine enough that he can produce the purest gold in astonishing amounts.


There was a villain from the '70s also known as the Assemblyman. What connection the two have, if any, is unknown.

Speculations, Theories

The Assemblyman may not have a secret identity; in Astro City #3, Samaritan openly uses his name.

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