Astra's Graduation Night Celebrations at Mythos Dance Club

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Event Summary[edit]

  * This event starts out as scenes from a show being broadcast by "The Scoop" a media company specializing in gossip.
  • Astra and her friends are watching it on a Holographic Projection device, perhaps a phone.
  • Flittercams are being used to spy on Astra and her friends, celebrating at the Mythos Dance Club.
  • They have just graduated from Tarleton College in Doolin, Ohio.
Date Event Type Issue Page:Panel Page Source Priority
2009/05 current Astro City: Astra Special No.1 3:1 comixology major
Astro City: Astra Special No.1/Events
Event Element Element Type Element SubType
Astra Furst Character
Matt Zimmer Character Civilians
Alicia Character
Miniature Holographic Projection Device
Tarleton College Device Beyond Astro City
Mythos Dance Club Device Beyond Astro City

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