Astro-naut's Orbital Airstrip

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Beyond Astro City


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Astro-naut's Orbital Airstrip

A protected sanctuary and laboratory. A place for intense, focused scientific development, and equally important, maximum privacy from interlopers, especially those suffering from narrow minded government greed.

The area abounds with technologies of all sorts, developed by Roy Virgil a visionary engineer, scientist, inventor, and entrepreneur way ahead of his times. A transporter device is used for "beaming" to and from the Earth's surface. Airships built here can travel great distances, some that can bend space to venture to distant star systems without bumping into the problems associated with mere light-speed mechanics, or the pesky limitations of Theoretical Relativity. There's an atmo-gravitic field to maintain an atmosphere, generate heat, and perhaps is the domed device you see pictured, providing low level shielding against meteors and other small cosmic debris pulled in by earth's gravitational forces.


  • It appears to be an asteroid of fairly significant size. It should be visible from earth, unless and probably, some type of technology is hiding it from view.
  • Given the advanced technology present there, one wonders if any government agencies, clandestine groups, or altruistic scientists, have attempted some sort of mission to retrieve any of it.
  • Highly likely it was traveling in a long transit period out past the gas giant planets of our solar system, until it was captured using gravitational forces to maintain a close orbit near earth. If placed in a stable orbit(and it probably was, knowing who we are talking about), it is likely still up there. The big question to ponder, is he?

Event Timeline

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