Astro City: The Dark Age Book Two No.2

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Story Title: "The Out-Of-Towners"

Cover Date: April 2007

Cover Price: $2.99

Credits: Kurt Busiek (Writer), Brent Anderson (Art), Alex Ross (Cover), Comicraft's John Roshell (Lettering and Design), Alex Sinclair (Colors), Ben Abernathy (Editor), Kristy Quinn (Assistant Editor), Ann Huntington Busiek (Managing Editor)

Publisher: Wildstorm (DC Comics Imprint)

Appearances: Platypus Mob, Royal Williams, Gunbirds, The Incarnate*, E.A.G.L.E., Charles Williams, Hellhound, The Dominos*, Black Velvet, The Jade Dragons, "Energy" Brown, Bamboo*, Braintrust, Joey Platypus, Tommy Gunn*, The Deacon, Pyramid, Jitterjack*, Aubrey Jason, The Apollo Eleven (Aquarina, Arthro, Commander One, Encephalon, Gas Giant, Ichthyos, Kahoutek, L.G.M., Nihil, Shrff, Strangeling), Simon Magus
* denotes first appearance

Mentions: The First Family, The Deuce, The Ace, Mister Badd, Dr. Lewis Oscar Croft, Damon Black, Oswald "Massacre" Morton, Lord Talon, Forgione Mob, The Blue Knight, The Silver Agent, The Black Rapier, Jack-in-the-Box, The Dragon Shogun, The Dragon Society

Narrative Voice: Alternating between Charles and Royal Williams

Date of Story: Starting January 19, 1977 and over the next week or so after that. It's roughly a month after #1 takes place.

Collected Edition: The Dark Age Book One: Brothers and Other Strangers

Events: This issue's Events & Annotations list.