The Attack of the Howling Dead

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Historical Highlights


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The Attack of the Howling Dead

The Attack of the "Howling Dead" was an attack by a ghostly horde of buffaloes stampeding along with numerous Indian warriors down the mains streets of Romeyn Falls. The Slaughterhouse District on the western shore of the Gaines River burned bright into the night due to the attack.

Fanciful dime novels and other stores vary in the details of who was there, and what exactly happened. The more trusted accounts have Ironhorse, the Human Locomotive present along with the trapper hero, Johnny Lightfoot, who is believed to have died from injuries sustained at this battle.

This early and rare alliance of heroes and legends managed to stave off the attack, saving Romeyn Falls from massive destruction. The battle is generally considered an historical marker of sorts, signalling the end of Romeyn Falls' "wide open" period. While rumors persist, some more substantial (like Dame Progress), no other openly known supernatural or super-powered beings(outside of Shadow Hills) appeared again until the arrival of Air Ace in 1919.