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Status: Unknown
Real Name: Kuo Tseh-Shi
Earliest Appearance: 1975
Affiliation: none
Base of Operations: Astro City in Fujitani Bay; China

Personal Data

Date of Birth: January 1, 1951 (disputed)
Hair: black


Appearances (in Publication Order): Astro City: The Dark Age Book Two #2

Event Timeline


A crime lord of the 1970s.


Excerpt from an Astro City Police Department file (slightly modified):

Real Name: Kuo Tseh-Shi

DOB: 1/1/1951 (disputed)

The daughter of the international crimelord Lord Talon (see EAGLE File 1WJJ2524CLM), Tseh-Shi came to the United States in the early 1970s, seeking to extend her father's China-centered criminal empire to the West. Clashes with Jack-in-the-Box, the Silver Agent, Hellhound and others, however, and an apparent romance with the Black Rapier, led her into conflict with her father, and eventually to open warfare with his forces, a situation that still flares up intermittently. Her operations, centered in the Fujitani Bay area of Astro City, are built primarily on the heroin trade, but have encompassed other drug trafficking, weapons trading, white slavery, blackmail and mind-control schemes often aimed at seizing control of city leaders, national politicians or on one occasion the entire U.N.

Bamboo usually works through skilled martial artists, often unarmed, but occasionally armed with traditional Chinese and Japanese weapons, or with hi-tech weaponry of her own design. She is an expert chemist, as well, creating a variety of potions from flower pollen, reptile venom and other such exotica, and using them to kill or control her targets.

Bamboo was a player in the 1977 Gang War, though unlike the other leaders, she managed to escape Astro City with her life.