Dame Progress

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Dame Progress
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Status: Likely Deceased
Real Name: Eulalia Jane Verne
Earliest Appearance: circa 1900
Base of Operations: Romeyn Falls

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Appearances (in Publication Order): Astro City: Silver Agent #1, 2

Astro City #5

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Dame Progress

A steampunk heroine from the turn of the century.



Dame Progress kept out of the public eye for the most part, so that her existence was mere rumor to most of Romeyn Falls(Astro City). However, there were times when being out in the open was unavoidable.

One such instance is when she pursued the colorful trickster Mister Cakewalk after he stole the gem known as the Star of Lahkimpur.
As she needed to borrow the gem herself as part of a concurrent effort to thwart the criminal Dr. Aegyptus, she chased Mister Cakewalk across streets and rooftops. It was all a ruse on the part of the thief, however, whose true aim was to lead her to a heretofore unknown aspect of Aegyptus's schemes: He had been sending black men back through time to sell as slaves, then using the money to purchase items of mystic power in the past. Upon learning this and realizing Mister Cakewalk's true aim, Dame Progress was forced to reconsider her opinion of him.

In 1919 she was involved with some activity with Jazzbaby that the Broken Man considers very important.


A brilliant inventor, Dame Progress can arm herself with all manner of steampunk-type technology. For example, she flies via a personal helicoper-backpack rig. It can fire various manner of projectile, including "tranquilizing shells" and capture nets.

She carries a special whistle whose small form belies its powerful function. One blow and her mechanical steed is summoned into action. A large, four-legged contraption of gears and girders, the vehicle is agile enough to clamber across the rooftops, yet armed with a payload strong enough to blast down a brick wall.

This vehicle is normally stationed in one of her hidden laboratories, which she's secreted throughout the city.



Alan Craig found a coin bearing Dame Progress' visage in a cave near Romeyn Falls. The very same cave where a silver colored force transformed him into the Silver Agent. This suggests a possible connection between her, that silvery essence, and perhaps even the Silver Agent himself.