Dame Progress Pursues Mister Cakewalk Following the Theft of the Star of Lahkimpur

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Event Summary[edit]

  * Mister Cakewalk stole to gem from a high society party honoring Gazette publisher, Martin Cruickshank.
  • The theft was a ruse planned by Mister Cakewalk to bring awareness to a sinister plot by a time villain named Dr. Aegyptus.
  • Dr. Aeyptus is mentioned only in dialog. He makes no appearances here.
  • This event has, or might have, ties to the Oubor Conspiracy.
Date Event Type Issue Page:Panel Page Source Priority
1900s flashback Astro City No.5 18:5 comixology major
Astro City No.5/Events
Event Element Element Type Element SubType
Dame Progress Character
Mister Cakewalk Character
Star of Lahkimpur
Mulberry Street Device Streets
Bakerville Device Neighborhoods

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