Dr. Aegyptus

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Dr. Aegyptus
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Status: Likely Deceased
Earliest Appearance: circa 1900
Base of Operations: Romeyn Falls
First Mentioned: Astro City #5

Personal Data

Aliases: Destiné


Event Timeline


"Ol' Doc 'Gyptus he'll keep! You got time to deal wit' him. Lots an' lots an' lots o' time..."
-- Mister Calkwalk

Dr. Aegyptus was a wicked schemer active during the decades just after the 1900. As his name suggests, his operating melieue centered on ancient Egyptian imagery, a theme that was popular due to the active archaeological work peaking in that time frame.


Somewhere in his history, Dr. Aegyptus acquired an Egyptian sarcophagus with time travel abilities. He used it to smuggle unwilling Bakerville colored men and women, back in time, to the distant past. There, he would sell them into slavery, then use the money to purchase items of mystic power before the world knew of their true value. Dame Progress put a stop to this scheme, after being led to its hatching point by Mister Cakewalk. In 1928, he stole the Star of Lahkimpur, and attempted to use it to gain power and eternal life. He was stopped by the combined efforts of Jazzbaby, The Cloak of Night, The Blasphemy Boys, and The Five Fists.


Dr. Aegyptus is a moderately capable sorcerer whose reach tends to exceed his grasp. He is dangerous enough when using spells he understands, but in the 1928 incident his bold actions triggered consequences which are not yet fully understood.


Another name that was considered for this character was "Dr. Sarcophagus." Writer Kurt Busiek used Twitter and Facebook to poll fans for their preferences.