Dr. Gearbox

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Dr. Gearbox
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Status: deceased - April 30, 1971
Real Name: Anton Teodor Girbachs
Origin: Astro City: Beautie
Affiliation: none
Base of Operations: the Dakotas or Wyoming; originally from Germany

Personal Data

Relationships: Elaine Girbachs-daughter
Date of Birth: January 17, 1923


Appearances (in Publication Order): Astro City: Beautie #1

Event Timeline

1971/04/30     Files


Dr. Gearbox


Excerpt from Honor Guard database files:

"Anton Girbachs was a brilliant student of robotics in Württemberg, Germany, who fled his home nation when the Nazi government tried to force him to work on their Himmelhawk program. He attempted to reach the Adriatic Sea, but was captured by Russian troops, and spent the next ten years working as a lab assistant, first to the Atomik Commissar and after that to the Inkubatorniks.

When he grew reluctant to continue working on weapons systems, Girbachs' wife was threatened in an effort to make him more cooperative. Instead, he built Fafnir, a flying robot in dragon form, and with his wife, broke free and attempted to defect to the United States. However, upon his landing in Alaska, his overtures were misinterpreted as threats, and in the ensuing battle, Commando K destroyed Fafnir, and Girbachs and his wife were arrested. They were set to be tried as spies when he jury-rigged a robot out of recording equipment and his cell's plumbing, and broke free.

Finding a welcome in the American underworld, Girbachs became known as "Dr. Gearbox," and for many years acted both as a supplier of robotics technology to the superhuman criminal community, and on his own, using his robots in numerous attempts to seize or extort wealth from banks, governments and other sources.

Girbachs was obsessed with the idea that he had not been treated as he deserved—that he had been forced by government greed, indifference or hostility to become what he had become, rather than enjoying a life of wealth and respect due to his considerable mental gifts. After the death of his wife, he became even more set in his ways, resisting all attempts to rehabilitate himself, or chances to work toward amnesty for his crimes."

During his time in the United States, Dr. Gearbox sired and raised a daughter. Turns out she had a gift for robotics engineering in her own right. A skill that developed very early in her life and was superior to the deluded and nefarious doctor. As a young girl, she created Beautie. ("Her Dark Plastic Roots")

Girbachs was killed in a battle with Honor Guard. A design flaw in Robosaur, one of his own creations, triggered a malfunction that would prove fatal.