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Status: Active
Earliest (in world) Appearance: Fall 2014
Origin: Astro City #17
Affiliation: A citizen of the QuiQui-A

Personal Data


Appearances (in Publication Order): Astro City #17

Event Timeline


"We have one code: Peace. Do no violence. Raise your hand to none. We bother no one, and no one bothers us. Why would they want to? We are nothing, and a threat to no one."


The QuiQui-A are mainly a farmer society. Extremely peaceful in nature. They grow Jhef, a grain that they harvest and process into many wonderful foods. It is a prized delight that is highly valued by nearby worlds and they trade generously for a share of the bounty.

The power of the QuiQui dreams, the influence of their wishes, is a magic of sorts, a bit like a clairvoyance skill only more so. It has many uses, including a powerful defense for a peaceful social grouping to protect itself from physically violent predators.

Eth took the role of a lead "dreamer" to protect his peoples from the vicious tyrant, Krigari the Iron Handed. But that came at a cost which is the secret behind the infamous event known as Sorrowsday.

Eth is responsible for Red Cake Day.


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