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The adventures and discoveries of the First Family from the monster hunting of the Furst Brothers in the 1950s to the multi-generational family of explorers of today.


  • Augustus discovers the existence of Onggu the Omnivorous in Romania, draining energy from local power plants.[1]
  • A few months later, some other scientific discovery in Malaysia, was enough to get Dr. Furst on the cover of Time magazine.[1]



  • The brothers rescued Nadia from a field of alien energy in Yugoslavia.[3]


(Approximately) June 16:


August :


Mid-to Late October:

  • Stopped The Tourist from taking Mount Rushmore as a souvenir and drawing the wrath of the military for letting the alien go.[6]
  • A few days later busted up Omnicron.[7]
  • Stopped an invasion from Monstro City led by Rex a few days later on the East Coast somewhere.[8]


Late February:

  • Protected Rex from angry mobs, who wanted him jailed for his attempted invasion, after he changed his ways and started hanging around with the family.[9]

Early March:

Mid-Late April:



  • Went on a tour of Ring of Worlds, meeting fellow adventurers and dignitaries from dozens of realities and worlds.[12]


January 19:

  • According to Charles Williams, they came down from Outpost F and investigated The Incarnate after he made his first appearance in Astro City. But he is likely misremembering the group or the time as the family was still on their inter-dimensional tour, unless they briefly returned.[13]

Late January:

  • Upon their return from their interdimensional trip, they discover The Innocent Gun, where Qestoth Sul said it was on an alien or pre-civilization like island. Simon Magus warned them of the weapon's potential and they had to face the Demonwaves.[14]
  • The next day or that night, upon their return to Astro City after defeating the Demonwaves, they discovered Black Velvet's madness ripping apart across the city and helped to contain the damage.[15]


April 6:

  • Tried to stop Hellsignor's attempt to destroy millions of lives, but were captured by the villain and saved by the Point Man's actions.[16]

May 3:

May 8:

  • Along with Starwoman went to meet with The Continuum to negotiate a cessation of hostilities between the galactic group and Earth.[18]


Late July:

  • While attempting to broker peace accords with Madame Majestrix, an ancient creature from Monstro City's prehistoric moon colony awoke and attempted to crash the moon in the world. Aided by Madame Majestrix and her army, the creature was defeated.[19]
  • A few days later they were in Europe during The Final Crisis Point and helped with the clean up after the battle.[20] [21]


Early/Mid November:


Early January:


November 10:

November 11-13:

  • Searched the world and off of it, trying to locate Astra. Tried looking in Monstro City and with Kaspian in Eastern Europe. Then sought out Praetor, Lord Volcanus and Kratorr to see if they had any involvement with Astra's disappearance. [26]



August 5:

  • Side-stepped dimensions to break free of the Enelsian blockade of their headquarters to help defend Astro City during the Enelsian Invasion. Dr. Furst was the one who cracked the Enelsian Communication code. [28]


Late November:




  • Off in another dimension on some kind of adventure.[31]

Early to Mid-October:

  • Along with Honor Guard and other heroes, helped defeat the awakened Omnius Rex.[32]



  • The family took a "camping trip" to the Crab Nebula.[33]

Unknown Dates[edit]

  • Fought with Kratorr another eight or nine times between 1954 and November 1996. [2]
  • The group was a part of the Forgotten Time Crisis, fighting off the evil that threatened the timestream. At one point in the early 1970s the family witnessed Astro City itself disappear. [34]
  • Defeated Derelikt and his Chaosmarchers at the Siege of Tuuli. Happened prior to Late January 1977.[35]
  • Fought with Madame Majestrix over the Gemension Jewel, which transported her elsewhere. Likely sometime in early to mid-1996, but could have happened before that.[36]
  • At some point, defeated the Silver Brain and his Anti-Bodies, in Astro City. Prior to Early October 2004.[37]
  • Dr Furst helped Samaritan and E.A.G.L.E. go over some of Infidel's technolgies and notes after one of Samaritan's annual dinners with the villain. Likely sometime in the mid-2000s, prior to 2006.[38]


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