Gregor Hussarian

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Gregor Hussarian
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Status: Active - Inactive - Deceased - Retired
Earliest Appearance: <in world date>
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Personal Data

Aliases: “the Big Hunky”


Appearances (in Publication Order): Astro City #5

Event Timeline


"Forever, Cal. It goes on forever..."


Something was wrong with "Big Hunky". Something in his head went haywire. His last day, his last mission, he went on a rampage, forcing his partner Caleb Tarrant, the leader of the Blasphemy Boys, to kill him.


Speculations, Theories

This event has, or might have, ties to the Oubor Conspiracy.

A ghostly form of "the Big Hunky" reaches back to reality from the after-life to bid farewell and issue a warning to his friend Caleb. There is also another entity present, on the other side, instructing Gregor to perform some diabolical deed. His refusal led to some additionally painful and frightening anguish. Is this possibly some action related to Oubor? Could it in fact be the Oubor himself dispensing torturous pain to those who don't following his maddening orders?



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